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Nature walks in and around Delhi

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="398" caption="Nature Walks"]Nature Walks[/caption]

Have you seen my colleague Amit Ranjan Rai’s photographs on nature and wildlife? Incredible as it may sound, these were clicked right in the heart of New Delhi, otherwise a conjested metropolis with crazy traffic. But there are pieces of green in the city where you can spot a rare shrub or flower, colourful birds and more…

It is not necessary to go to a wildlife park or a reserved forest area to see the wealth of animal and plant life in India where there is huge bio diversity because of the differences in geography and weather across a country that is bigger than Europe.

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Tanjore paintings from Tanjore

Tanjore paintings from Tanjore

unjal_krishnaThree years ago, when my friend Smita went to stay in Tanjore, a small little town in Tamil Nadu, southern India, she was despairing. A journalist married to an officer in the Indian Police Service (her husband was posted to the town, necessitating the move), she knew that work opportunities would be non-existent there.

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Use fun tools to encourage your child to eat healthy

How can you get your child to eat healthy? How can you get your child to understand the importance of nutritious food and exercise in their respective lives? Is it possible to engage children at a young age to think maturely about their eating habits and exercise?

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India’s secret breakfast hideouts: Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about some secret breakfast hideouts in India. Here are some more.

Like at Tiretta, in the bylanes of Old China Town, Calcutta. Grimy and grubby–literally. If you don’t mind the stench of leather and are not a stickler for hygiene, the area hosts a floating street mart early mornings.

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Religious tourism in the Himalayas and hidden jewels

If you are touring the Himalayas or looking to visit the holiest of Hindu sites in Uttaranchal, the Himalayan northern state in India, Leisure Hotels is a chain that you must look to. Many of their properties are heritage hotels, charming, located at the most pristine of locations, with the best of views, even though the service can be fairly basic.

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India’s secret breakfast hideouts: Part 1

If you are willing to get up a little early to break bread on the streets, these suggestions could provide you just the bite you’re looking for.

Sunday, 6.30 am, Shahjahanabad. It has drizzled all of last night and looks like we are in for another gloomy morn. Dawn is breaking.

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“Legends of India” Restaurant in New Delhi

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="362" caption="Sample Menu at 'Legends of India' Restaurant"]Sample Menu at Legends of India Restaurant[/caption]

You may not agree with everything Jiggs Kalra, grand daddy of food writing and consultancy in India, does but you have to agree with at least some of the things! Jay Inder Kalra, who began his career with Khushwant Singh’s Illustrated Weekly and went on to become the country’s best-known authority on regional cuisine “discovering” hawkers and kebabchis, dhabas and one-degh places for wider audiences, rescuing endangered family recipes, recording them in his many books, and above all, standardizing into scientific grams and spoonfuls all the creative flair of chefs working primarily on “andaz” or instinct, also managed to irk a lot of people en route.

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Eating cheaper and healthier in India

When the going is not good, financially, the world just gets fatter—has been a finding in the US. The reason is not hard to look for: With lesser money to spend on “non essentials”, jobs on the line and fears of more loss, people cut back on healthier but more expensive dining options; fresh fish, nuts, fruits and veggies.

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The Great Kebab Factory: An unlimited kebab buffet

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="326" caption="The Great Kebab Factory"]The Great Kebab Factory[/caption]

When The Great Kebab Factory (TGKF) opened up at the Radisson, New Delhi, more than a decade ago, it was an instant best-seller. The concept was so simple that you wondered why it hadn’t been executed before – an unlimited buffet of kebabs, no doubt refined from their pop origins but everyone’s favourite finger food nevertheless, served up in air-conditioned comfort (and luxury, because at that time, eating out in a five-star restaurant was undoubtedly that).

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