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New Herbal cafe in Mumbai

I recently came across this piece of information that I hope will appeal to all of you who look for spa meals and healthy bites when you are on a holiday. Spa menus have traditionally never taken off with local Indians.

But recently, the Birla group—leading industrialists in India– launched its spa initiative with a Birla Kerala Vaidyashala, an Ayurveda therapy centre, in Prabhadevi Mumbai.

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Worst ever restaurants: Where not to waste your money

A colleague narrated a hilarious story about his worst-ever food experience: A poilitical reporter, he was in Kanchipuram, the temple town in south India, covering the arrest of the Shankracharya, one of the most powerful Hindu leaders, on charges of murder. He, the reporter not Shankracharya, decided to take a break from the proceedings and find lunch.

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Oldest Cafe in Europe and other discoveries in Venice

“So where else are you going,” asked Luca, an Italian settled in New Zealand who can’t stand staying in Italy because “nothing works there” (much like India). “Venice,” said I. “Hmm,” he grinned, “The city of love… who are you going with?” At which I grinned and told him “two boys”.

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The Indian in Italy…Strange and strangely familiar experiences in Verona

Verona ItalySitting in a small 100 seater aircraft circling over Verona, the city that is best known for being the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I am struck by some Indian tourists who are obviously taking a very unusual (for them) holiday in Italy. The family is from rural Punjab, husband, wife and a one year old kid, dressed up to his ears in woolies for the European summer that is still cold for us from warmer tropical climes.

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Indian Accent: A new restaurant at The Manor

Fusion Indian food, the kind that you can easily sample now at smart restaurants in New York or London has never really succeeded in India. For that matter, neither has regional or “Muglai”-Punjabi succeeded in any high-end restaurant environs—other than perhaps the success of ITC restaurants like Bukhara and Dumpukht.

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Suzy Menkes on India travel

International Herald Tribune’s legendary fashion editor Suzy Menkes was in New Delhi recently to conduct the IHT conference on sustainable luxury. I met her and was pleasantly surprised by how much she knew about the country. Menkes has apparently been always fascinated by India and has travelled throughout the country.

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Top 10 Indian restaurants in India

Recently, the Singapore-based Miele Guide asked me to be part of their jury to vote for Asia’s best restaurants. This is for the second consecutive year that I have been asked to do this, though I must say that I wasn’t to happy about what eventually turned up last year: Not many Indian restaurants were mentioned, the guide was heavily Singapore-centric and amongst the winners, the lone Indian, Bukhara, was as clichéd as cliché can be.

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Asian Fusion Cooking

One of the most abused terms in the world of fine dining has to be “fusion”. It may now be acceptable to cook your pasta with a dash of cumin at home— and admit as much. Or to raid your refrigerator at midnight to come up with your own fanciful versions of sandwiches, hummous with paranthas, or even spaghetti bolognaise — using Maggi noodles and left-over mutton curry, as Mumbai-based restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani, who owns the Mocha café chain, admits to rustling up.

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Where to find Italian-style gourmet Pizzas in India

Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pappa John’s, Nirula’s… what do you seek when you crave a pizza? As a child growing up in the 1980s, pre-liberalisation India, I really loved what they served us at Nirula’s—stringy cheese pepperoni and ketchupy. There has been a sea change in the way we Indians eat now since then.

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An eco-friendly boutique hotel in Jaipur – The Farm

This is a guest Post by Abhilasha Ojha

Old headlights double up as lights for the evening; a richshaw set as a sette; visit this unique eco-friendly boutique hotel in Jaipur

We’ve had a crazy day, my husband and I, having attended – the now concluded – Jaipur literature festival.

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