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Sneak peek at The Aman New Delhi

There are just business hotels in New Delhi. So what is a resort doing bang in the middle of the city, overlooking a crematorium and an arterial flyover, at a site where we had got used to seeing a rather sleazy and worn out government hotel that went by the name of The Lodhi?

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Bukhara food at The Frontier

Why does Bukhara always top any list of best restaurants from India? Western travelers seem to consistently love it. And I can understand the fact that the food will naturally be appealing to palates that can’t take the spicy flavours of Indian cooking from many regions (and can thus not appreciate the exquisiteness of the Dumpukht brand, for instance, at the same hotel chain ITC).

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In praise of Bengali food

Amit and Amiti, two of my journalist friends, invited us over for dinner at their home this weekend. And what a splendid meal they provided. I know, if you are cooking yourself, the trick is to keep things really simple so that you can enjoy the evening yourself.

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The world’s best risotto chef

Before the financial meltdown when chefs indulged in high-flying nonsense such as edible gold in ice cream sundaes, a risotto of escargots (the most expensive in the world, on a room service menu, where else but in France) would have tickled our fantasies.

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Anoothi’s list of India’s most value for money restaurants

First, what is supposed to be value for money? That would depend on who you are, how deeply are you affected by the recession and whether, intrinsically, you are a saver or a spender. My theory is that a saver and a spender can’t make for very good dining companions just as they are a disastrous mix in any marriage.

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Amarone and Dante’s heir: Connecting Masi wines, Count Serego Aligheri and the Divine Poet Dante…

“So do you have any books in your house?” I ask Count Serego Aligheri innocently enough and his eyes light up at the mention. “Ah, I know what you mean,” he replies in a somewhat thick Italian accent: “No, we don’t have any of those.

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Swine Flu: Why there is no panic in India

Panicky travelers all over the world have been canceling their holiday plans—that were as it is lean given the state of the world economy, threats of the pink slip and depressed wages—because of the swine flu. But in India, hotels are reporting that domestic travel is actually looking up because of that.

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Street Foods of India… in pictures

“In the main bazaar of Pahar Ganj, a popular area amongst backpackers who visit Delhi, there is a pakora stand that’s been there since the beginning of time. A fat man used to run it, at the corner of the vegetable market, selling pakoras for ten rupees a  plate.

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Bollywood Travels

Are you a fan of Bollywood looking for an interesting (and affordable) holiday in India centred around your favourite film? While interest in Slumdog Millionaire means that people are coming to Dharavi, the slum in Mumbai, on tours almost everyday—even now when the weather is so appalling, there are some other interesting packages launched to take you to the sites of, say, Sholay, the iconic Amitabh-Bachchan-Dharmendra starrer fashioned like a Western, or Rang De Basanti, the Aamir Khan film that truly caught the pulse of a young nation two years ago.

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