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Our India – Food and Travel Guide website  showcases the authentic, contemporary  India experience . Discover India — through your tummy: Where to find the best butter chicken and Bordeaux wine, croissants and curry, sambhar and sushi, gobhi manchrian and Peking duck and more…we invite you to join us in dining at dhabas and 200-year-old restaurants as well as stylish Churrascarias, tapas bars and snazzy dabblers of molecular gastronomy. Through mountains and beaches, Colonial towns and young metros, Ayurvedic spas and heriatge resorts, we give you another glimpse of modern India, the melting pot.

Our Team

  • Anoothi Vishal

    Anoothi Vishal

    Anoothi Vishal is Features Editor with the Business Standard, a leading financial daily in India. She is a well-known restaurant critic and lifestyle writer with a popular column on food. She will give you her frank opinion on Indian F&B, all the value for money deals that you can get, and advise you on secret, non-touristy places that you can visit. She will also introduce you to the people who really matter as far as food and travel in India go. She is also a jury member for The Miele Guide

  • Ashwin Ahmad

    Ashwin Ahmad

    Ashwin Ahmad is managing editor for a travel magazine in India and will keep you updated on the latest travel news and trends from India and give out handy tips.

  • Tushar Mathur

    Tushar Mathur

    Tushar Mathur frequently writes about travel tips at Travel – Eat – Sleep (http://travel-eat-sleep.com). He also has a website dedicated to Investing In India at Invest In India (http://investmoneyinindia.com)

    The Photo Editor for India – Food & Travel Guide is Ravi Dhingra.