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An eco-friendly boutique hotel in Jaipur – The Farm

This is a guest Post by Abhilasha Ojha

Old headlights double up as lights for the evening; a richshaw set as a sette; visit this unique eco-friendly boutique hotel in Jaipur

We’ve had a crazy day, my husband and I, having attended – the now concluded – Jaipur literature festival. So, leaving him there, I head to The Farm along with Surya Singh, the founding director of this very, very unique and gorgeous boutique hotel in Jaipur even though it does not offer casino games. “It is luxury with an interesting twist,” laughs Surya when I ask him to describe the hotel and what it really offers.

The Farm is far away from the maddening rush of the crowded streets and bumper traffic but not so remote that it’s difficult to appreciate all that the Pink City offers to tourists. Which means that within 20-25 minutes (with manageable traffic on the roads) you can reach the historic Hawa Mahal or Johri Bazaar (Jewellery Bazaar) or, for that matter, MI Road, one of the main shopping area, also home to Rajasthan Emporium (an absolute must for tourists).

The day I visit The Farm, the otherwise scorching sun is in a mood to tease us. It plays a little game of hide-and-seek with the clouds even as we keep looking ahead at the mustard fields, a yellow carpet for as far as our eyes can see. “So wonderful,” I think to myself, “to sip a glass of wine — or even your morning tea — on the terrace, in the middle of verdant, lush green fields.” By now, Surya seems to have read my mind: “What we offer is an enjoyable, lavish stay but with an experience – even if it’s just a slice – of the rural life in Rajasthan.”,  not like Las Vegas with its roulette and slot machines.

Luxury at The Farm isn’t about crystal-dripping baubles, shiny flooring and what have you, it’s actually defined as the coming together of elements, of, say, a humble rickshaw seat in electric blue, doubling up as a seating bench, for two, right next to the pool area. Luxury here doesn’t reflect in ornate and expensive upholstery, it could just translate into gunny bags being cut and sewn to perfection as cushion covers to rest on a lounge chair. “Our effort has been to promote rural talent and utilize everyday goods and products to create an art form,” says Surya handing me a cool strawberry crush, topped generously with ice and a dash of mint.

We are walking down the steps to check out one of the six suites swathed in white. It’s amazing actually, the manner in which the suite emerges quite suddenly from a labyrinth of the lush green area that we’ve just crossed. At the reception area – another open space that’s immediately inviting –Ritu, Surya’s wife, commissioned a local artist to drizzle splashes of colour that depict illustrations to convey the story from the Hindu mythological epic Ramayana. The “automobile” suite also bears the signature style of reusing old products. So an old steering wheel transforms into a clothes hanger. The front headlights of an old vehicle (which I presume the owners got from a local automobile shop) have been installed on a wall and double up as lighting for the evenings. But what takes my breath away in this suite is the shower room. There are no walls here (in fact, there aren’t any walls in this suite, only pillars and beams) why, there’s not even a sink, with water running from the tap straight into the pebbles and the green plants that line the spectacular area. The look is pristine, with sun rays drizzling through the foliage into the bath area and a range of Kama products (considered one of the best in India, Kama products are also exported to different parts of the world) just waiting to be picked up. A glass of wine, enchanting music and a humble dip into the bath area is not hard to imagine.

A total of 18-odd artists have their works in different areas of the hotel. “It’s a critical component for us and we’ve ensured that they find a perfect display place here,” adds Surya. There’s Sushil Kumar, who has doodled so perfectly on pebbles, rocks and stones in the hotel and on the walls too. “We’re getting him to paint the entire waterfall area too,” says Surya. There’s Bharti Pitre, an illustrator who does caricatures on different mediums including paper, bottles, stones and even wood. “We found an excellent painter in Jodhpur. He paints hoardings and he has done the Ramayana mural in the reception area,” Surya tells me. Another local carpenter created a miniature truck-shaped table on which glass has been installed. Why, even the colourful charpoys have been weaved by making use of reusable cotton rags.

A stay in this fascinating boutique hotel is not so expensive actually. At Rs 7,500 (double occupancy, per night) including taxes and meals, a stay at The Farm is a must for everyone. What’s more, you can get a taste of authentic Rajasthani meals and other delectable Indian dishes and preparations (“sans the chillies, if you like it that way,” as Surya puts it). Along with Indian cuisine, the hotel also serves Thai, oriental and even continental stuff.

It’s a treat to move away from the din and experience a stay at the Farm. We definitely recommend it. In fact, I’m waiting to soak in some more pleasures of the Farm but it’s time to go home. Taking one last look at the place before we proceed to the city, I laugh at the sight of a milk pail that doubles up as a humungous flower vase and close my eyes to hear the birds chirp endlessly and feel the breeze whisper in my ears gently, softly. Where in the city, after all, do you get to hear such music?

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  2. Gautam Rao says:

    how many acres the farm is spread out in ?

  3. ritusingh says:

    The Farm spreads across 15 acres. It also has the advantage of having a green belt running along two sides.

  4. Olivia says:

    when did the farm open? how could i get menus to flow online?