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Anant’s nutty pizzas… and more

Pizza is the ultimate bonding food. At Business Standard, the newspaper I used to work for, we would order pizzas for birthdays and farewells, because someone had forgotten lunch, because we had had a stressful day or in anticipation of one, because the Indian cricket team or Federer or some obscure football league had won, or just because it was raining…These were, of course, takeaway pizzas, terrible, American-style and bursting with calories. On the other hand, some of my most relaxing lunches with friends have been over Italian-style pizza too, with sufficient salads and wine to keep off the guilt and keep the conversation flowing and, in fact, I have even done a job interview over pizza.

And now one of the most fun food festivals I have been associated with is a pizza festival. Anant, my cousin, is a foodie pretty much like the rest of the family. But amazingly enough, doesn’t mind braving the kitchen heat to roll out pizzas from scratch—crust and all. So it didn’t surprise me at all when in between his admission process to a university in the US, he decided to accept, of all things, an opportunity to create his own pizzas at a restaurant in Khan Market. The menu, comprising of six specials, is now on at Blanco, under Anant’s name.

I don’t know how that would look on his cv. Hopefully prospective deans and employers have a sense of humour. But we for sure had a lot of fun brain-storming and tasting Anant’s pizzas with some help from restaurateur Sudha Kukreja, who says she now wants to have real people cooking occasionally in her restaurants.
Anant has a pretty good version of the Margharita he does.

The taste basically depends on baby tomatoes being sautéed lightly first in extra virgin olive oil so that they get infused with that flavour. What I also like is an unusual and subtle potato pizza—with thinly-sliced potatoes as a topping, making for double the comfort for all Carb junkies. The Blue cheese pizza is apparently hot property too as is the Meaty monster. But what I really, really dig is a chocolate-cheese pizza.

You wouldn’t think it would be such a good combo. But as Joey says in Friends “what’s not to like?” There is cheese, there is chocolate and there is even a crumbled brownie with walnuts on top! I would suggest you seriously try this one out.
Anant’s pizzas
Available at Blanco, Khan Market

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