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‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’

“Men get to be a mixture of the charming mannerisms of the women they have known.” — F Scott Fitzgerald By Anoothi Vishal It’s amazing that a man who died at just 44 should have had such insight into life; and should have been able to sum it up so poignantly that we should remain [...]

Fantastic 4

Here is my pick of the most innovative dishes I’ve had in the last two months By Anoothi Vishal 1. Ker Sangri beef pickle @ Monkey Bar, Bangalore: I love ker sangri, the dried desert berries and beans, usually to be found in “pure-veg” Marwari thalis. At Monkey Bar, the buzzing Bangalore gastro pub, chef [...]

Pasta-parantha resonance

Despite the diplomatic tension between the two countries, there’s so much in common between Italy and India—especially in the kitchen By Anoothi Vishal One of the most interesting things a researcher on cuisines does is to trace patterns. Cooking can be an art: An expression of each civilisation’s, each community’s, each person’s unique creative urges. [...]

Pardon my French!

A foodie journey through Lyon, not on usual touristy maps, courtsey Trafalgar, a company promoting experiential travel, lets me discover some “real” French food… By Anoothi Vishal We’ve crossed the Pont Bonaparte, beautiful in the night, hanging low on the Saone river, into the Rennaisance heart of old Lyon. Hamish, our travel guide, pauses and [...]

Get On-Board an Indian Cruise

Grabbing a cruise deal has been a century-long preoccupation in the West. Nowadays, Indian travellers can also splash some cash with adventures abroad on cruise liners. India’s economic boom has coincided with some travellers having deeper pockets, and cruise holidays are becoming very popular. Lower travel costs have also helped with this growth. For the [...]

Culture ,cultivars and travelling with olio…

On the olive oil trail in Italy, soaking up art, architecture, gastronomy and culture in a bottle! Anoothi Vishal What is it about this place that has drawn me into its fold yet again, so serendipitously? As we wind our way uphill from Rome into the upper Tiber valley and to that small but unutterably [...]

The truth about olive oil

Everything that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about this new medium of cooking taking over middle India By Anoothi Vishal In the new, emerging middle India, if there is any category of imported food that has acquired a sheen, a veritable halo in the last two-three years, it is olive oil. [...]

To Rome, with Love

From dusk to dawn in the Eternal City… By Anoothi Vishal Italy is a culturally rich country that attracts many visitors who want to visit Europe. You can now fly from India to Italy and book a hotel in Milan for an affordable price. From India, the flight to Rome is only 7 hours long and is definitely worth the [...]

Czech food magic

Food (and beer) from this part of Eastern Europe can be soul satiating this Christmas Anoothi Vishal If you are looking for a magical Christmas experience this time of the year, try the mystical Bohemia, with its castles and churches, solemn music, beautiful countryside, boisterous bars and captivating nights in the smallest of towns. Or [...]

My Goan cooking Class

One of India’s biggest, but unacknowledged, exports to the world is the curry. From Africa to the Caribbean, south-east Asia to the UK, the curry in various forms and flavours, bears testimony to colonial trade and the major part that spices from India played in it. Yet, curry itself is not quite an Indian term. [...]