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Top ten serviced apartments in Bangalore

A serviced apartment is a type of furnished, self-contained apartment designed for short-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. Since the beginning of the boom in cheap international travel and the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travelers, interest in serviced [...]

Indian cuisines and Independence Day musings

Unity in diversity may sound cliched, but it is exactly that defined Indid’s culinary heritage By Anoothi Vishal If you happened to be in Hyderabad and decided to go on a biryani crawl—a hopping expedition across restaurants and clubs, big fat wedding dinners (where indeed some of the best is to be had) and small [...]

Buddhist New Year, Hindu New Year and songs of spring

Discovering a little bit of India in Thailand By Anoothi Vishal At Khao San Road, Bangkok, backpacker-paradise, buckets are in big demand. “Buy a bucket…***” say placards, and not necessarily in polite terms, even as you jostle through the impossible crowd, boisterous and high-spirited. It’s the spirit of Songkran, you soon realize, rather like Holi [...]

Mughalai meets Bengali: The story of a heritage cuisine

By Anoothi Vishal The Mughals undoubtedly had the biggest impact on the cuisines of northern Indian (as also the Deccan) and even though “Mughlai” food is a generic term today, usually standing for a hodge podge of commercially-constructed dishes, some of our most interesting heritage cuisines have Mughal roots. So what are these heritage cuisines [...]

The Hyderabad Eatathon: It’s not just about biryani

By Anoothi Vishal An old immersion myth tells the story of Narada asking to be shown “maya”, that illusory, creative force driving life, according to Hindu philosophy. It’s not an easy concept to understand — much less to accept. But the sage gets a “test drive” one day when he takes a dip in the [...]

How to plan your trip to Ladakh

Most seasoned travelers would swear by a road trip to Ladakh via Rohtang or Kashmir as the ultimate in biking expedition in India. But for those suffering from back problems, time constraints or simply a less adventurous streak, there is an ultimate in flying experience too offered by most private and government airlines: This is [...]

Bangalore Blues

Visiting India’s Cyber Capital? Here’s how to chill out State government curfews have significantly dulled Bangalore’s nightlife but don’t despair if you can’t stay out till late, eating, drinking or dancing the night away. What you can enjoy instead is some of the best alfresco dining in India, given the city’s wonderful weather. Here are [...]

Heritage Tourism: The Royal Heritage Tripura Castle

If you don’t want to do the usual touristy trail in India—Agra, Jaipur, Delhi in the north; or then again Mumbai and Pune, or Kerala and Goa – an interesting region to explore is north-eastern India. Usually considered cut off from mainstream culture and society — even within India – the region’s pristine beauty, mountains, [...]

Lucknow: Nawabs and kebabs

For all its old world charm and etiquette, Lucknow is not on the tourist map of the country. But if you get a chance, do plan a visit to this charming and laid-back city that has emerged from its old worldliness to a rather nouveau centre of political might, where symbols of dalit supremacy and [...]

10 things to do when you are in Delhi

Visiting Delhi? Make sure that your experience is an “authentic” local one—not the typical touristy one recommended by Lonely Planet and other guides. Experience Delhi as Delhiites do and while you may go shopping at Paharganj, that can’t be the only memory you’ll take back: 1. Phirni (rice “custard” like sweet) at Karim’s at Jama [...]