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A very hungry god

An economy in high gear, changing consumer preferences and evolving palates are driving the restaurant business in India. But the plate is hardly full By Anoothi Vishal “They say it about show biz, but there is no other business like the restaurant biz,” declares investment banker-turned-restaurateur Gaurav Rekhi. Rekhi should know– hopefully. Having worked with [...]

Anant’s nutty pizzas… and more

Pizza is the ultimate bonding food. At Business Standard, the newspaper I used to work for, we would order pizzas for birthdays and farewells, because someone had forgotten lunch, because we had had a stressful day or in anticipation of one, because the Indian cricket team or Federer or some obscure football league had won, [...]

A café with British pub grub… In Delhi

Forgetful Elephant By Anoothi Vishal In the gastronomic universe, French food is revered, Spanish seen as unutterably chic, Italian as pop but British as mostly crap. Of course, it’s an unfortunate reputation. British pub staples are wholesome, wonderful comfort food that will fill your stomach and gladden your heart while (usually) not costing the earth. [...]

Contemporarise, don’t cardboardise!

Why are chefs at Amarata, the Oberoi’s contemporary coastal restaurant shying away from the soul of Indian cooking? By Anoothi Vishal What is the future of Indian food in India? This is a question that is often debated by chefs, restaurateurs and foodies. And clearly, looking at the spate of big launches in the last [...]

NY feasts…and a raw Watermelon

By Anoothi Vishal 2011 began with some scrumptious food. No, I didn’t make it to the Rs 4,000 brunch at the Aman (sans alcohol), I didn’t even strictly party the night before but rang in the new year in a distinctly homely fashion. Mom made my winter-favourite— aloo tikkis stuffed with the freshest, sweetest of [...]

Dining by the Qutab

Delhiites call it Sirka (vinegar), and indeed new restaurant Circa 1193 has preserved its old-world charm even while dishing out some new age Asian fusion Anoothi Vishal One of the charms of living in Delhi is the sense of history that always surrounds you without ever intruding on the present and making you feel that [...]

My new Delhi pizzas list

(From a week-long eatathon) Despite trying to be on a diet this month, I have contrarily found myself in situations where a pizza is sometimes inevitable: A quick lunch with an old friend suddenly struck with a craving for a good cheese pizza, whinning kids, cook going on leave and nothing to cook with at [...]

Roti chanai, dim sums and an “anti-cafe ”

Fu In Chinese, it means “good luck” and indeed Fu marks a great turning point in the business of restaurants in Delhi—at least, when it comes to Chinese food. Unlike the “family-style”, Indian-Chinese places of yore, this is an anti café with nothing stereotypical about it. So abandon all old-fashioned expectations of how a Chinese restaurant [...]

Discount car rentals for recreation and sports

Those who plan a vacation and take car rentals as the best option to move around are very well aware that it is quite expensive. But with the www.usave.com you can get to save on the car rentals. This is normal that if one wants to rent cars for recreation or sports then one has [...]