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Top 10 Indian restaurants in India

Recently, the Singapore-based Miele Guide asked me to be part of their jury to vote for Asia’s best restaurants. This is for the second consecutive year that I have been asked to do this, though I must say that I wasn’t to happy about what eventually turned up last year: Not many Indian restaurants were mentioned, the guide was heavily Singapore-centric and amongst the winners, the lone Indian, Bukhara, was as clichéd as cliché can be.

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Where to find Italian-style gourmet Pizzas in India

Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pappa John’s, Nirula’s… what do you seek when you crave a pizza? As a child growing up in the 1980s, pre-liberalisation India, I really loved what they served us at Nirula’s—stringy cheese pepperoni and ketchupy. There has been a sea change in the way we Indians eat now since then.

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Travelling to India? Check out these Restaurants Deals

Tamarai, meaning Lotus, is a restaurant that serves South East Asian cuisine in London, run by one of the most reliable hospitality companies in India—Old World Hospitality. The group has several well-known restaurants in New Delhi and its suburbs, including Chor Bizzare that serves up regional Indian cuisines at value-for-money prices, and should be a must-visit for any one seeking an India experience.

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Manish Mehrotra: Head Chef of Tamarai Restaurant in London

Chef Manish Mehrotra is a graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai (1996). He joined Thai Pavilion restaurant at Taj President, Mumbai and trained under the expert guidance of master chefs from Thailand. During his tenure of 5 years with the Taj group, Manish organised various Thai Food Festivals at different properties of the group.

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India’s secret breakfast hideouts: Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about some secret breakfast hideouts in India. Here are some more.

Like at Tiretta, in the bylanes of Old China Town, Calcutta. Grimy and grubby–literally. If you don’t mind the stench of leather and are not a stickler for hygiene, the area hosts a floating street mart early mornings.

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India’s secret breakfast hideouts: Part 1

If you are willing to get up a little early to break bread on the streets, these suggestions could provide you just the bite you’re looking for.

Sunday, 6.30 am, Shahjahanabad. It has drizzled all of last night and looks like we are in for another gloomy morn. Dawn is breaking.

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“Legends of India” Restaurant in New Delhi

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="362" caption="Sample Menu at 'Legends of India' Restaurant"]Sample Menu at Legends of India Restaurant[/caption]

You may not agree with everything Jiggs Kalra, grand daddy of food writing and consultancy in India, does but you have to agree with at least some of the things! Jay Inder Kalra, who began his career with Khushwant Singh’s Illustrated Weekly and went on to become the country’s best-known authority on regional cuisine “discovering” hawkers and kebabchis, dhabas and one-degh places for wider audiences, rescuing endangered family recipes, recording them in his many books, and above all, standardizing into scientific grams and spoonfuls all the creative flair of chefs working primarily on “andaz” or instinct, also managed to irk a lot of people en route.

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