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Fusion Food

Fresh Italian Cheese Made In India

It always surprises foreigners to know that India doesn’t have a tradition of making cheese. We have yoghurt and we have paneer, fresh cottage cheese made by splitting milk and then straining it through a fine muslin cloth in traditional homes, but other than that, zilch. That possibly has something to do with injunctions in [...]

Indian Accent: A new restaurant at The Manor

Fusion Indian food, the kind that you can easily sample now at smart restaurants in New York or London has never really succeeded in India. For that matter, neither has regional or “Muglai”-Punjabi succeeded in any high-end restaurant environs—other than perhaps the success of ITC restaurants like Bukhara and Dumpukht. As a food critic, I [...]

Asian Fusion Cooking

One of the most abused terms in the world of fine dining has to be “fusion”. It may now be acceptable to cook your pasta with a dash of cumin at home— and admit as much. Or to raid your refrigerator at midnight to come up with your own fanciful versions of sandwiches, hummous with [...]