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Suzy Menkes on India travel

International Herald Tribune’s legendary fashion editor Suzy Menkes was in New Delhi recently to conduct the IHT conference on sustainable luxury. I met her and was pleasantly surprised by how much she knew about the country. Menkes has apparently been always fascinated by India and has travelled throughout the country. She is, of course, known for her views on Indian design and craftsmanship. She is a big supporter of Indian fashion designers retaining an element of the ethnic in their works and not losing their identity. But any way, here are a few travel excerpts from an interview I did with her:

1. You have been spotted here for many of our fashion weeks in Mumbai and Delhi. Since when have you been visiting India?
I have been coming here for more than 30 years. I have done the whole Rajasthan thing– the absolutely fabulous colourful, Mughal experience, I have travelled up the Himalayas, driven up to Rishikesh and beyond since I love being on the mountains and I have also travelled all over southern India, Kerala etc. At one point I wanted to buy a house in Pondicherry.

2. What do you love best about India?
The fact that it is so vibrant and so diverse. You can have whatever you like here, there is so much to choose from. Of course, now, there is also a lot more pollution and traffic, but still there is a sense of vibrancy here.

3. Any particular experience that you remember?
I did the poetic Jaisalmer with my husband many years ago and it was actually poetic. As Britishers, we are always fascinated by the Raj, that was an important period in our history and there are still many places in India where you can get a flavour of the Raj.

4. What all have you shopped for this time?
I have shopped so much as to single-handedly improve your economy. I bought two absolutely fabulous shawls from Kashmir weaves, pashmina, but with great handwork done on them from an organization that works directly with the artisans in Kashmir. Very expensive and exclusive. I have bought a lot of fabric for a friend who makes her own clothes from Khan Market and many many trinkets that I absolutely love.

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