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Why Masterchef India is not (and will not be) as good as Masterchef Australia!

By Anoothi Vishal

If you are struggling to make “party” conversation, a safe topic to touch upon, at least in young, metropolitan India, would be, well, Masterchef. Not Masterchef India, mind you. But Masterchef Australia, arguably one of the best cooking shows in the world, and one, let me confess right at the beginning, that I am absolutely devoted to.

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Gunpowder: Homestyle Avial, fish fry and Malabar Parottas in Delhi

It’s not a place that the average Dilliwallah who expects a restaurant to visibly be a restaurant (of their imaginations) is likely to appreciate. Instead of a shiny someplace wedged between retail stores in an indistinct mall—where you can alight from your ac car and move into an air-conditioned environ, not a hair out of place, here, you literally need to work up an appetite.

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Cuisine of the Mughals: Akbar (1542-1605)

Akbar (1542-1605)

Akbar’s childhood was spent in present day Afghanistan. From his Persian mother, he inherited princely manners, his love for literature and the arts. And from his Turkish father came his fierce energy, his love for war and his ability to command.

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