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The Great Kebab Factory: An unlimited kebab buffet

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="326" caption="The Great Kebab Factory"]The Great Kebab Factory[/caption]

When The Great Kebab Factory (TGKF) opened up at the Radisson, New Delhi, more than a decade ago, it was an instant best-seller. The concept was so simple that you wondered why it hadn’t been executed before – an unlimited buffet of kebabs, no doubt refined from their pop origins but everyone’s favourite finger food nevertheless, served up in air-conditioned comfort (and luxury, because at that time, eating out in a five-star restaurant was undoubtedly that).

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India’s Top Chefs: The Qureshi Brothers

India's Top Chefs: The Qureshi Brothers
[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignleft" width="198" caption="Qureshi Brothers"]Qureshi Brothers[/caption]

Bukhara is India’s most famous restaurant, launched by chef Imtiaz Qureshi almost 30 years ago. As a boy in Lucknow, famous for its Mughal culture and etiquette, Qureshi trained as a young boy under his uncle in one of the small kebabs and curry restaurants, found in crowded markets and by the roads.

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Thai food in India

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Thai cuisine, of course, never became as popular as Chinese food– and its many versions — in India, particularly northern India: A surprising thing, considering that it is hot and flavourful, and thus suited to the Indian palate.

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