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My (unannounced) review of Smoke House Room

Smoke House Room in Delhi was quite the launch of 2011, I checked it out some time ago. Here’s how it went…

By Anoothi Vishal

First impression

The sleepy Crescent Mall, much of whose top floor Smoke House Room takes up, lies in darkness when I give my car to the valet.

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Cuisine of the Mughals: Humayun (1508-1556)

Humayun (1508-1556)

Humayun, the beloved father of Akbar, ascended the throne amidst great festivities in 1530. He had acquired proficiency in the arts and science in his early years. He was very fond of poetry and had great skill in that. He was also adept at astronomy and in geography.

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Indian Accent: A new restaurant at The Manor

Fusion Indian food, the kind that you can easily sample now at smart restaurants in New York or London has never really succeeded in India. For that matter, neither has regional or “Muglai”-Punjabi succeeded in any high-end restaurant environs—other than perhaps the success of ITC restaurants like Bukhara and Dumpukht.

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