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Fresh Italian Cheese Made In India

It always surprises foreigners to know that India doesn’t have a tradition of making cheese. We have yoghurt and we have paneer, fresh cottage cheese made by splitting milk and then straining it through a fine muslin cloth in traditional homes, but other than that, zilch.

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Cuisine of the Mughals

Historian Salma Husain’s book brings back the past with its extensive research into Mughal kitchens and the  food habits and recipes of the emperors:

Husain is known in India as the original “kebab lady”—having researched into the beginnings of the kebabs and traced their history back, not to the muslim rule in India, but further back to Rig Vedic times of the early Aryans, who would conduct elaborate horse sacrifices and such and pieces of meat would be roasted for a meal.

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Worst ever restaurants: Where not to waste your money

A colleague narrated a hilarious story about his worst-ever food experience: A poilitical reporter, he was in Kanchipuram, the temple town in south India, covering the arrest of the Shankracharya, one of the most powerful Hindu leaders, on charges of murder. He, the reporter not Shankracharya, decided to take a break from the proceedings and find lunch.

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