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Nilgiri tangri kebab and “old Indian recipes”

Purana Villa promises to serve heritage cuisines from all over the country. Do you really get these?

 Frankly, I had no plans of writing a review for this one. After all, what can you say about what essentially is—or should be—strictly a “neighbourhood Indian restaurant”?

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Indian Accent: A new restaurant at The Manor

Fusion Indian food, the kind that you can easily sample now at smart restaurants in New York or London has never really succeeded in India. For that matter, neither has regional or “Muglai”-Punjabi succeeded in any high-end restaurant environs—other than perhaps the success of ITC restaurants like Bukhara and Dumpukht.

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Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju Malhi

When Manju Malhi, the British-Indian celeb TV chef gives me a copy of her new cook book, Easy Indian Cookbook, it is with a message signed on the front page: “Hope the recipes are as spicy as your reviews,” she writes, her affable self pretty evident even in these few lines.

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