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Delicious Delhi

We host a festival of family recipes and cuisine(s) from old Delhi at the Claridges Surajkund

By Anoothi Vishal

Despite being the political, art and indeed cuisine capital of the country, Delhi suffers from an image problem: “The city has no culture,” is a refrain that you may have heard often.

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Kebabs from Tanjore

By Anoothi Vishal

Stunned to discover a south-Indian repertoire of kebabs

You’d associate it with the Brihadeshwara temple, the magnificent Chola prayer-in-rock to Shiva, with Bharat Natyam, with the opulence of its gold-foiled embellished art work, with even sambhar (believed to have originated here after king Sambhoji substituted the Konkani kokum with tamarind in the daal)… but kebabs?

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Nilgiri tangri kebab and “old Indian recipes”

Purana Villa promises to serve heritage cuisines from all over the country. Do you really get these?

 Frankly, I had no plans of writing a review for this one. After all, what can you say about what essentially is—or should be—strictly a “neighbourhood Indian restaurant”?

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Lucknow: Nawabs and kebabs

For all its old world charm and etiquette, Lucknow is not on the tourist map of the country. But if you get a chance, do plan a visit to this charming and laid-back city that has emerged from its old worldliness to a rather nouveau centre of political might, where symbols of dalit supremacy and resurgence have all but obliterated a unique culture of Hindu Muslim synthesis.

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The best kebabs in India are in Delhi

First things first: The best kebabs — and biryani, many of us would argue—are to be found in Delhi. If you owe allegiance to Lucknow, Kolkata or Hyderabad, you will, of course, sit up in protest at this statement. The cities are, after all, known for their culinary excellence as much as for their “cultured” ways.

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Cuisine of the Mughals

Historian Salma Husain’s book brings back the past with its extensive research into Mughal kitchens and the  food habits and recipes of the emperors:

Husain is known in India as the original “kebab lady”—having researched into the beginnings of the kebabs and traced their history back, not to the muslim rule in India, but further back to Rig Vedic times of the early Aryans, who would conduct elaborate horse sacrifices and such and pieces of meat would be roasted for a meal.

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India’s Top Chefs: The Qureshi Brothers

[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignleft" width="198" caption="Qureshi Brothers"][/caption]

Bukhara is India’s most famous restaurant, launched by chef Imtiaz Qureshi almost 30 years ago. As a boy in Lucknow, famous for its Mughal culture and etiquette, Qureshi trained as a young boy under his uncle in one of the small kebabs and curry restaurants, found in crowded markets and by the roads.

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