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Try the Galapagos Cruises

The Galapagos was the first natural site to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site – 1979. It is also a Biosphere Reserve and Whale Sanctuary. The Galapagos is a worldwide model for eco-tourism. Here you are able to visit an area of great natural beauty and encounter, at close quarters, animal species that have no fear of humans. Strict regulations govern all tourist activities and are rigidly enforced and tourist numbers are restricted.

The Galapagos Islands represent one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

They are a paradise of stunning volcanic landscapes and fearless animals. There are designated visitor sites on each of the islands, where boats land, and where there are defined trails to follow.

Giant tortoises, fur seals, sea lions, sea iguanas, and the comic blue-footed boobies, are just some of the prolific animals and birds that will entertain you as you wander through their homes.

The archipelago comprises over 50 islands of volcanic origin, that are spread over 4,500 square kilometres, approximately 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador.

Snorkelling is a real highlight, as playful sea lion pups and possibly penguins dart around you, along with ray, turtles and many colourful fish.

Most of the sailing around for the Galapagos Cruises is done at night time, so you get more time to spend on the islands, with specialist guides showing you the best spots.

Diving is available from a very few cruise yachts, so most divers choose to stay on one of the islands after the cruise, and organise day dives. Experienced divers may prefer a dive-only trip,

Every yacht has two different, week-long itineraries, and they are grouped into a standard of comfort. Below is a sample of some of the boats we offer, as well as a sample itinerary, and we can offer many more boats and yachts to suit your needs.

-Encantada, a charming 12 passenger cherry red schooner
-Angelique, a beautiful, recently restored 16 capacity yacht

-Cachalote, 16-strong schooner rigged motor sailor
-Galaxy, very new, 16-passenger motor yacht
-Sagitta, spacious, steady and luxurious sailing ship for 16 people
-Mary Anne, beautiful three mast spacious sailing ship for 16 people
-Beluga, speedy and comfy 16-strong yacht
-Eric/Flamingo/Letty, a series of three, 20 passenger motor yachts, often run family trips

-Athala, 16-passenger catamaran
-Eclipse, perfect for families, a 48 capacity cruise ship

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