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Yet another rant against CWG


Driving around the city on Monday sparked off fresh rage. Road rage is usual in Delhi; people have been known to stab, shoot and bash each other routinely as a result. And indeed stuck in crawling lanes in the tropical heat, coping with our pressure cooker lives, can be angst inducing. On Monday, as I crawled inexplicably for the better part of three hours; buses marked for the CWG and accompanying police gypsies ostensibly providing security to whoseoever matters in this country zipped past at bullet speeds. And I am not exaggerating—they were bullet speeds that you may not witness even on the express ways. The irony couldn’t have been more strinking— we, the tax payers at whose expense these dismal but most-expensive games ever are being mounted, crawled while god knows who zipped past in the special lanes.

When Delhi bid for the CWG—an inconsequential relic of the British Raj, I hasten to add—the original thought, according to Mani Shankar Aiyar, then sports minister and vocal critic of the games, was to host these at the outskirts of Delhi, in an undeveloped area. The money earmarked for facilities for the games would have meant that this area got developed; a sensible option one would have thought. But in what was to be the first of politically expedient moves, the OC and Delhi Government decided to host these bang in the centre of an already overcrowded city; causing such huge inconvenience to the people that now schools need to be shut and office-goers need to take their lot of PLs and CLs to even host these games.

Corruption, delays, stinking toilets and excuses by Kalmadi, Dikshit and the sports ministry are now the subject of jokes, of course, every where in India. But then what else can the beleagured Indian do, to whom the games do not matter in any way except for the shocking waste of public resources and tardiness of the OC and government that has got exposed in the process?

Ps. Who, in India, is even watching these games? We don’t even know the names of our own athletes, swimmers, shooters et al who are participating, forget the foreign challengers. A sidey event, which will be important only when, and if, the public votes out the government responsible for this mess, and corruption.

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