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Lucknow: Nawabs and kebabs

Lucknow india For all its old world charm and etiquette, Lucknow is not on the tourist map of the country. But if you get a chance, do plan a visit to this charming and laid-back city that has emerged from its old worldliness to a rather nouveau centre of political might, where symbols of dalit supremacy and resurgence have all but obliterated a unique culture of Hindu Muslim synthesis.

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Fresh Italian Cheese Made In India

It always surprises foreigners to know that India doesn’t have a tradition of making cheese. We have yoghurt and we have paneer, fresh cottage cheese made by splitting milk and then straining it through a fine muslin cloth in traditional homes, but other than that, zilch.

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10 things to do when you are in Delhi

Visiting Delhi? Make sure that your experience is an “authentic” local one—not the typical touristy one recommended by Lonely Planet and other guides. Experience Delhi as Delhiites do and while you may go shopping at Paharganj, that can’t be the only memory you’ll take back:


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Soups for the soul

Chicken soup is what mothers recommend, not to mention Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, each time you feel a little low — whether from a bout of flu or from the business of living. But my all-time favourite is a variation of it — a chicken sweet-corn soup, that staple of Indian-Chinese food across India.

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The best kebabs in India are in Delhi

First things first: The best kebabs — and biryani, many of us would argue—are to be found in Delhi. If you owe allegiance to Lucknow, Kolkata or Hyderabad, you will, of course, sit up in protest at this statement. The cities are, after all, known for their culinary excellence as much as for their “cultured” ways.

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Gunpowder: Homestyle Avial, fish fry and Malabar Parottas in Delhi

It’s not a place that the average Dilliwallah who expects a restaurant to visibly be a restaurant (of their imaginations) is likely to appreciate. Instead of a shiny someplace wedged between retail stores in an indistinct mall—where you can alight from your ac car and move into an air-conditioned environ, not a hair out of place, here, you literally need to work up an appetite.

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