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How to plan your trip to Ladakh

Most seasoned travelers would swear by a road trip to Ladakh via Rohtang or Kashmir as the ultimate in biking expedition in India. But for those suffering from back problems, time constraints or simply a less adventurous streak, there is an ultimate in flying experience too offered by most private and government airlines: This is a journey by air that takes you all the way from New Delhi to the remote valley of Leh in the far northern reaches.

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Bangalore Blues

Visiting India’s Cyber Capital? Here’s how to chill out

State government curfews have significantly dulled Bangalore’s nightlife but don’t despair if you can’t stay out till late, eating, drinking or dancing the night away. What you can enjoy instead is some of the best alfresco dining in India, given the city’s wonderful weather.

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Heritage Tourism: The Royal Heritage Tripura Castle

If you don’t want to do the usual touristy trail in India—Agra, Jaipur, Delhi in the north; or then again Mumbai and Pune, or Kerala and Goa – an interesting region to explore is north-eastern India. Usually considered cut off from mainstream culture and society — even within India – the region’s pristine beauty, mountains, deeps waterfalls, the mighty Brahmaputra river cutting through it is unmatched.

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