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Cities in India

Finding International Food in Delhi

As the first stop in India for many international tourists, New Delhi is often overlooked for smaller and more touristic cities in northern India. Agra, Rishikesh and Jaipur are all popular destinations and just a (relatively) short train ride away. Undoubtedly anyone who travels or backpacks India will pass through Delhi a few times. Visiting [...]

CommonWealth Games: Guide to Delhi

Introduction Delhi is a city on the move. The Delhi Metro has helped connect previously unconnected parts of the city, specifically east Delhi and the National Capital Region — Noida, to the central business district area of the city. This has speeded up connectivity and given some relief to the city’s roads, which are overflowing [...]

Amidst the oaks: A World Heritage Site

A couple of miles down from Mussoorie, the now rather fraying “queen of the hills” in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, is the tiny hamlet of Jharipani. It’s a quaint name, possibly after some of the streams and waterfalls that come trickling down pleasantly from the higher reaches. This is also a rather salubrious [...]

How to plan your trip to Ladakh

Most seasoned travelers would swear by a road trip to Ladakh via Rohtang or Kashmir as the ultimate in biking expedition in India. But for those suffering from back problems, time constraints or simply a less adventurous streak, there is an ultimate in flying experience too offered by most private and government airlines: This is [...]

Bangalore Blues

Visiting India’s Cyber Capital? Here’s how to chill out State government curfews have significantly dulled Bangalore’s nightlife but don’t despair if you can’t stay out till late, eating, drinking or dancing the night away. What you can enjoy instead is some of the best alfresco dining in India, given the city’s wonderful weather. Here are [...]

Anoothi’s Culinary Experiences in Goa

You wouldn’t think there is either a global recession or an off-season in Goa, crossing the Mandovi in a chartered mini-bus. The vehicle, after all, is just one in a snaking line of several used by hotels to ferry guests to and from the airport. Since I was last here in the land of sun [...]