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Amidst the oaks: A World Heritage Site

A couple of miles down from Mussoorie, the now rather fraying “queen of the hills” in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, is the tiny hamlet of Jharipani. It’s a quaint name, possibly after some of the streams and waterfalls that come trickling down pleasantly from the higher reaches. This is also a rather salubrious [...]

Chasing the eclipse: From New Delhi to Gaya

“This is your first time isn’t it?” No, this respectable German gentleman was not getting up close and personal with me about my private life. Instead, amateur astronomer Christien Woutler and I were discussing the subject which was on everyone’s mind: the eclipse of the century. As we sat in New Delhi’s Terminal 1-D at [...]

Nature walks in and around Delhi

Have you seen my colleague Amit Ranjan Rai’s photographs on nature and wildlife? Incredible as it may sound, these were clicked right in the heart of New Delhi, otherwise a conjested metropolis with crazy traffic. But there are pieces of green in the city where you can spot a rare shrub or flower, colourful birds [...]