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My new Delhi pizzas list

(From a week-long eatathon) Despite trying to be on a diet this month, I have contrarily found myself in situations where a pizza is sometimes inevitable: A quick lunch with an old friend suddenly struck with a craving for a good cheese pizza, whinning kids, cook going on leave and nothing to cook with at [...]

Wine bar, bread bar, Baluchi bar bar

An old Delhi restaurant gets a spanking new makeover— successfully By Anoothi Vishal Growing up in Delhi, one restaurant that I frequented more than any other was Baluchi at the then hotel Intercontinental. Part of an older genre of “Indian” restaurants, this was a family favourite, as much for its tikkas and curries as for [...]

The Yo! Makeover

Yo!China is now offering serious food— selling khao suey (even in Amritsar) and Oberoi-type dim sum buffets. Bye, bye McDonald’s-type positioning… Whatever we may say about Indian-Chinese, it’s a genre that has spread far and wide. In Hong Kong recently, while we feasted on an enviable spread of dim sums for breakfast and had the [...]

Three stories, one truth: Avoid

It may be true that everyone on this planet wants to open up a restaurant at some or the other point in his/her life. But it is equally true that those who do get precisely such a chance are usually in the construction or real estate business. At any rate, in India, that seems to [...]

North, South, East, West: India on a platter

TV Chef and restaurateur Marut Sikka’s new restaurant overwhelms you with diverse spice flavours… in a single portion! In Persian, it means an emperor’s private dining chamber, one used on rare occasions when the royal was not breaking bread with ministers and favourites. And Kainoosh does manage to convey an air of super exclusivity — [...]

The best of Punjab

Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra is the best venture yet by the grand old man of north Indian cuisines By Anoothi Vishal  For years, Jiggs Kalra’s grouse—and joke—with me use d to be “Anoothi, kyon roothi?”. (“Anoothi, why are you upset with me?). It started of after I wrote a piece that he didn’t quite [...]

Nilgiri tangri kebab and “old Indian recipes”

Purana Villa promises to serve heritage cuisines from all over the country. Do you really get these?  Frankly, I had no plans of writing a review for this one. After all, what can you say about what essentially is—or should be—strictly a “neighbourhood Indian restaurant”? Unless, it is superlative, of course, which is when one [...]

Thai wars: Curry for “socialistas”… and aam admi

Erstwhile Thai Wok partners slug it out with two Thai restaurants in one month, in the same neighbourhood. As Thai High restarts at Ambawatta, we check out challenger Emperor’s Kitchen The restaurant launched with a quintessential Delhi society party in December. “We have just received confirmation from the Chief Minister herself,” a breathless PR type [...]

The French Ploynesian sleight of hand

What is the cuisine of Tahiti? We go hoping to sample some Tiki culture only to find it obscured by food consultancy in India! We’ll have to agree that Jolly Rogers is a rather stupid name for a restaurant to have: I mean, if someone asks you, ‘where are you going to eat out this [...]

Best Sushi, dim sums, and pizzas in New Delhi

A European foodie and our own food critic compare notes Yesterday I went to a lovely brunch at a farmhouse in Delhi courtesy my work as a journalist and met an interesting and opinionated Italian lady with very definite recommendations on dining in New Delhi. VaA European foodie and our own food critic compare notes [...]