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Eat Healthy

Monsoon cuisines of India

Curating a monsoon food and art festival at The Park New Delhi has been fun and a good learning experience. I discovered the importance of seasonal foods in our cooking traditions… Seasonal diets have always been an intrinsic part of Indian regional cuisine(s). While we may not have had codified “kitchen literature”, and recipes and [...]

Soups for the soul

Chicken soup is what mothers recommend, not to mention Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, each time you feel a little low — whether from a bout of flu or from the business of living. But my all-time favourite is a variation of it — a chicken sweet-corn soup, that staple of Indian-Chinese food across [...]

Indian Food Made Easy by Anjum Anand

A presenter of BBC2’s Indian Food Made Easy, Anjum Anand is as attractive as some of the recipes photographed for this beautifully brought out book—with photographs by Vanessa Courtier. Anjum’s show was being aired on Discovery Travel and Living in India and the book was brought out alongside, or at least that’s how I laid [...]

Eating cheaper and healthier in India

When the going is not good, financially, the world just gets fatter—has been a finding in the US. The reason is not hard to look for: With lesser money to spend on “non essentials”, jobs on the line and fears of more loss, people cut back on healthier but more expensive dining options; fresh fish, [...]