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Finding International Food in Delhi

As the first stop in India for many international tourists, New Delhi is often overlooked for smaller and more touristic cities in northern India. Agra, Rishikesh and Jaipur are all popular destinations and just a (relatively) short train ride away. Undoubtedly anyone who travels or backpacks India will pass through Delhi a few times. Visiting such a big, metropolitan city may be intimidating, but Delhi offers lots of amenities for international tourists. From luxury Delhi apartments to gourmet cuisine and extensive shopping, Delhi is increasingly one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.
Food in Delhi
Food in India is an entire culture in itself, but in Delhi, you’ll find a range of cuisines: Mexican, Italian, American and Chinese to name just a few. Even British pub grub if that’s your thing. That’s in addition to all the traditional Indian restaurants for every region & style of Indian cuisine. Looking for a cheeseburger (yes a beef burger) in Delhi? Easy. Head to the All American Diner in the Lodi Colony area of Delhi. Traditional American cuisine, and what many regard as Delhi’s best burger, can be found at the All American Diner (with the red checkered tablecloths to boot).
Downtown Delhi
As any centre of commerce, Delhi’s international food scene caters to a variety of tastes and styles. From fast food such as McDonald’s (a particularly popular one located in Connaught Place) and sit-down restaurants like Domino’s pizza. Most tourists visiting Delhi will at least spend some time in Connaught Place. The large circular ring of markets, restaurants & shopping centres can be a decent area for a nice night out. Just about every international cuisine is featured here.
A visit to Delhi (or any other major city in India) wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the major shopping malls in and around the city. With chain restaurants, food courts with fast food and several high-class restaurants, they are a perfect place to find an interesting meal.
Staying in an apartment while in Delhi, you’ll be able to visit different neighbourhoods around the city besides the usual tourist hotspots. While the restaurants, bars & cafes in Connaught Place are a nice place to visit, with Delhi’s metro system, the city is more and more accessible to tourists. This of course allows you to discover many of the international restaurants scattered around the city and surrounding suburbs.

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