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Get On-Board an Indian Cruise

Grabbing a cruise deal has been a century-long preoccupation in the West. Nowadays, Indian travellers can also splash some cash with adventures abroad on cruise liners. India’s economic boom has coincided with some travellers having deeper pockets, and cruise holidays are becoming very popular. Lower travel costs have also helped with this growth.

For the busy Indian traveller, cruises are the ultimate: they offer a complete package of food, drinks, entertainment, accommodation and transport. Everything is arranged beforehand at a set price. Around 70,000 Indians are going to take a cruise in 2012. This number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

These Cruises also offer Poker Tournaments that you can participate in. A poker tournament, like the ones at partypoker.fr/tournaments.html is a competition where all players start with the same amount of chips. All tournament players play until one player has accumulated all the chips. Poker happens to be one of the top on board activities on a cruise ship.

Indian Cruises: A Growth Industry

Cruises generally happen outside of India, but there are plans to build infrastructure for cruises inside of Indian waters. A cruise in the backwaters of Chennai proved to be enormously successful for tourism to that area. The job market in India is thriving, with one provider Royal Caribbean employing 10,000 Indians over a fleet of 40 ships. Other than hospitality, areas like infrastructure, planning, construction, navigation, marketing and management have also seen a rise in job numbers.

An all-inclusive sumptuous cruise has gone from daydream to reality, for many Indian travellers. So those still thinking about cruise deals, should get on-board and enjoy the finer things in life.

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