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India’s Top Chefs rate their Peers

We asked the country’s top chefs to rate their top chefs (excluding themselves).

Manjit Gill, Corporate Chef, ITC

1. Rahul Akerkar, Indigo, Mumbai

2. Ananda Solomon

3. Imtiaz Quereshi

Criteria: A chef’s primary job is to cook. He should be able to put a meal together himself. He should be a good human being, not insecure.

Bakshish Dean, Executive Chef, The Park

1. Hemant Oberoi

2. Ananda Solomon

3. Gulam Rasool and Imtiaz Quereshi

Criteria: Apart from talent, a chef must be a good teacher, a people’s person and experiment.

Ritu Dalmia

1. Madhu krishanan

2. Hemant Oberoi

3. Ananda Solomon

Criteria: Chefs tend to become pen-pushers with age. A great chef should be hands-on and enthusiastic.

Sudha Kukreja

1. Bakshish Dean

2. Hemant Oberoi

3. Ritu Dalmia

Criteria: A great chef should be creative and also be able to do simple things without having to use expensive and exotic ingredients and yet make it worth your money.

Hemant Oberoi

1. Imtiaz Quereshi

2. Chef Rego, Ananda Solomon

3. Chef Rohit of Taj Land’s End)

Criteria: ‘I can’t really pinpoint, so many chefs and doing good work.”

Ananda Solomon

1. Madhu Krishnan

2. Hemant Oberoi

3. Rego, Imtiaz Quereshi

Criteria: I expect a man to cook actively. He should be passionate about cooking and of such a caliber that only he can make a difference to the product. He should lead by example and innovate. And he should train his juniors so that his cuisine should not die with him.

Marut Sikka

1. Imtiaz Quereshi

2. Ananda Solomon

3. Ritu Dalmia, Bakshish Dean

Criteria: Must be an exceptional chef and have made a difference.

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