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New Herbal cafe in Mumbai

I recently came across this piece of information that I hope will appeal to all of you who look for spa meals and healthy bites when you are on a holiday. Spa menus have traditionally never taken off with local Indians.

But recently, the Birla group—leading industrialists in India– launched its spa initiative with a Birla Kerala Vaidyashala, an Ayurveda therapy centre, in Prabhadevi Mumbai. Alongside the various stress-relieving therapies offered is a herbal café called H3, the first of its kind in Mumbai (though Pure at the Taj Lands End serves organic food and some good juices).

The H3 café, targeted specifically at the young, will offer freshly prepared health drinks and nutritive salads with no added preservative in an avant-garde ambience. Considered to be nature’s tonic, these health drinks will be available in a wide array of delicious flavors. The rich extract from herbs, fresh fruits, vegetables with jaggery and honey added as healthy sweeteners provide numerous health benefits like increased nourishment, rejuvenation and help enhance immunity.

Health drinks at H3 starts at an attractive price of INR 85, while the nutritive salads will be available from INR 150.

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One Response to “New Herbal cafe in Mumbai”

  1. Anisha says:

    Where exactly in Prabhadevi is it? Can you give some landmarks?