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Religious tourism in the Himalayas and hidden jewels

If you are touring the Himalayas or looking to visit the holiest of Hindu sites in Uttaranchal, the Himalayan northern state in India, Leisure Hotels is a chain that you must look to. Many of their properties are heritage hotels, charming, located at the most pristine of locations, with the best of views, even though the service can be fairly basic.

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My Visit to the Champagne Country

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="446" caption="Champagne Country"]Champagne Country[/caption]

Sitting in an enchanted European castle (this one complete with a moat and turrets) on top of a hill, going through a champagne lunch, minding the fish fork from the fowl, etiquette that a French meal necessitates, is the culmination of one morning’s hard labour.

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