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“Legends of India” Restaurant in New Delhi

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="362" caption="Sample Menu at 'Legends of India' Restaurant"]Sample Menu at Legends of India Restaurant[/caption]

You may not agree with everything Jiggs Kalra, grand daddy of food writing and consultancy in India, does but you have to agree with at least some of the things! Jay Inder Kalra, who began his career with Khushwant Singh’s Illustrated Weekly and went on to become the country’s best-known authority on regional cuisine “discovering” hawkers and kebabchis, dhabas and one-degh places for wider audiences, rescuing endangered family recipes, recording them in his many books, and above all, standardizing into scientific grams and spoonfuls all the creative flair of chefs working primarily on “andaz” or instinct, also managed to irk a lot of people en route.

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