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India’s Top Chefs: The Qureshi Brothers

India's Top Chefs: The Qureshi Brothers
[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignleft" width="198" caption="Qureshi Brothers"]Qureshi Brothers[/caption]

Bukhara is India’s most famous restaurant, launched by chef Imtiaz Qureshi almost 30 years ago. As a boy in Lucknow, famous for its Mughal culture and etiquette, Qureshi trained as a young boy under his uncle in one of the small kebabs and curry restaurants, found in crowded markets and by the roads. But soon he began to surpass his teacher and began earning a name for himself. His big break came when ITC hotels, one of India’s largest hotel chains with a tie-up with the Sheraton group, brought him to Delhi, India’s food capital and centre of power to open their most ambitious project yet, Bukhara.

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