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Lahori vs Amritsari: A comparision between Punjab’s two great cuisines

The two foodie cities are less than 50 km apart, separated by an international border. But despite common Punjabi roots, the cuisines are distinct

By Anoothi Vishal

“Everything is Allah’s karam and the blessings of my mother,” says Babur, a cook from the Lahore Gymkhana club. It is a sentiment that touches the right chords – and one that may well be echoed on this side of the border, with the same earnestness.

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A very hungry god

An economy in high gear, changing consumer preferences and evolving palates are driving the restaurant business in India. But the plate is hardly full

By Anoothi Vishal

“They say it about show biz, but there is no other business like the restaurant biz,” declares investment banker-turned-restaurateur Gaurav Rekhi. Rekhi should know– hopefully.

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Potboiler…gone wrong

Bollywood cafe Chalchitra falters on its execution

Bollywood and spicy Indian street food can be a potent mix, which is why it is wonder that no one really thought of bringing these two together – before Chalchitra. A new restaurant-lounge in GK II, Chalchitra (meaning “moving, or motion pictures”, to translate it literally) was a concept waiting to happen.

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Street food binging in Amritsar

Amritsar’s street specialities keep alive its foodie reputation but I managed to have the best thin-crust pizza in India in this chicken tikka town

Almost the first bite that I have in Amristar, fabled city of food and worship, is strangely enough from a thin-crust pizza. But what a bite!

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Tea Time

Despite the fabulous teas that we grow— India, after all, is the world’s largest producer and exporter of tea in the world—it is shocking to come across such poorly prepared cuppas in most homes. Thanks to my work with a (high society type) magazine, I have been visiting some of the poshest (and costliest) homes in the country these days.

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Pho on the go!

Who would have thought that sushi would gather such sudden and overwhelming popularity in India. Now, Vietnamese cuisine, may similarly be a food trend to watch out for…

If an upright boat by the entrance of a restaurant catches your attention the next time you are in Defence Colony on a cold winter morning, it would be advisable to simply step in!

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Street Foods of India… in pictures

“In the main bazaar of Pahar Ganj, a popular area amongst backpackers who visit Delhi, there is a pakora stand that’s been there since the beginning of time. A fat man used to run it, at the corner of the vegetable market, selling pakoras for ten rupees a  plate.

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“Legends of India” Restaurant in New Delhi

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="362" caption="Sample Menu at 'Legends of India' Restaurant"][/caption]

You may not agree with everything Jiggs Kalra, grand daddy of food writing and consultancy in India, does but you have to agree with at least some of the things! Jay Inder Kalra, who began his career with Khushwant Singh’s Illustrated Weekly and went on to become the country’s best-known authority on regional cuisine “discovering” hawkers and kebabchis, dhabas and one-degh places for wider audiences, rescuing endangered family recipes, recording them in his many books, and above all, standardizing into scientific grams and spoonfuls all the creative flair of chefs working primarily on “andaz” or instinct, also managed to irk a lot of people en route.

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