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North, South, East, West: India on a platter

TV Chef and restaurateur Marut Sikka’s new restaurant overwhelms you with diverse spice flavours… in a single portion!

In Persian, it means an emperor’s private dining chamber, one used on rare occasions when the royal was not breaking bread with ministers and favourites. And Kainoosh does manage to convey an air of super exclusivity — despite being located in a mall and despite serving up Indian khana to a primarily Indian audience (as yet).

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Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju Malhi

When Manju Malhi, the British-Indian celeb TV chef gives me a copy of her new cook book, Easy Indian Cookbook, it is with a message signed on the front page: “Hope the recipes are as spicy as your reviews,” she writes, her affable self pretty evident even in these few lines.

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Meet Manju Malhi: The celebrity TV chef in London

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You know Madhur Jaffrey, goddess of spice and spicy Indian food, who has done a fair job of selling Indian cuisine to the West. Now, meet Manju Malhi, a star chef in her own right with shows on TV in UK.

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