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Thai food in India

Thai cuisine, of course, never became as popular as Chinese food– and its many versions — in India, particularly northern India: A surprising thing, considering that it is hot and flavourful, and thus suited to the Indian palate. But Prakob points out that why the north — Delhi, India’s food capital too—hasn’t quite taken to it is because of the presence of coconut. To that I would add, thin curries and “fishy” flavours — though five-star chefs are careful to use “oyster mushroom sauce”, not oyster sauce. People in Chennai, says Prakob, like Thai food more because “they too have a lot of coconut.”

Even robust Punjabis, on the other hand, will like Prakob’s recipes because as I was once told, his food “does not smell”. And now that the satay is accepted as a staple of shaadi menus, you may like to try out a version at home. I rushed back home to try the chicken and cashews recipe and it was a big hit.

Here are the recipes for ‘Chicken Satay’ and ‘Chicken with Cashew Nuts’.

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