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Use fun tools to encourage your child to eat healthy

How can you get your child to eat healthy? How can you get your child to understand the importance of nutritious food and exercise in their respective lives? Is it possible to engage children at a young age to think maturely about their eating habits and exercise? These are the questions that often bother all parents. But a simple answer to all these above-mentioned queries is ‘YES’.

India’s family owned quick service restaurant; Nirulas, recently partnered with an American weight management company to develop a healthier range of fast food options for kids, aptly named the Nutribyte range. To celebrate the launch of this range Nirula’s developed a Nutribyte microsite populated with the nutritional values of the range but also a featured section with educational games and quizzes on nutrition targeted at kids. The message – get your child to ‘eat healthy’ and ‘play healthy’ with the help of fun online games specially designed to educate kids about healthy eating habits.

Nirula’s took this step to address the nutritional needs of their younger customers. As, 33.1% of children in India are overweight or obese and a lot of it is due to consumption of unhealthy processed food and fast food, as well as children leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Nirulas decided to address this issue by launching this micro site for kids.

About the site: The ‘Kid’s Corner’ (http://nutritionvista.com/Kids-Corner/Home/Default.aspx) section features a variety of categories for kids to explore. It has a free Q&A section with a dietician online, a well planned nutritional chart exclusively for kids, cool and easy healthy food recipes – from funny face salad to mango banana refreshing smoothie and more. It has nutritional information about vegetables, fruits, proteins; carbohydrates in an easy to understand format for kids though usage of crosswords, scrabble, ‘match games’ and more. The site also has information on how sports like swimming, football and cycling positively contribute to good health.

To visit the Nutribyte website follow the link below and click on ‘play healthy’:


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