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Zipping through Neemrana

It’s pure adrenaline. Zipping through hilltops on the strength of a cable line, this is the best joyride thrills eekers are likely to get in India. And what’s more it’s in the Neemrana Fort Palace hotel. This heritage property long known as a place to get away from will now be the proud owner of the 394 metre-long zip line in South Asia. This line incidentally, is the longest zip line in South Asia.

Jonathan Walter the founder of Flying Fox, the company that has been hired to set up the zip cable over the Neemrana property says. “I have been based in Delhi for the last four-and-a-half years. And while here my family and I wanted an adventure holiday that was quite close to Delhi. The nearest adventure sport is white water rafting in Rishikesh which is a good six hours away. With Neemrana, Delhiites needn’t spend their whole day reaching an adventure destination.”

The attraction to zipping is that it is fun, fast and safer than other adventure sports like bungee jumping. But Walter claims he was ignorant about the sport’s potential till James Bond lent a hand. “If you’ve seen the film Moonraker you may remember the scene where Bond slides down a cable on a ski slope to escape from the villain Jaws. Zipping is based on the same premise. I want everyone to think that they are escaping from Jaws at the other end. This will give your ride that special thrill,” he chuckles.

Walters put forth his idea to Neemrana’s owner Aman Nath when he visited India in 2004. Nath who got excited by the sport’s potential asked Jonathan just what the sport could do for him. “I told him it will help you to fly like a vulture,” Walter recalls. “And he replied, ‘No, no, I don’t want you to make me fly like a vulture. I want you to make me fly like a God!’’’

The feeling Walter promises, will certainly be godlike. On the rope, you will look down at the Neemrana Fort Palace hotel, which will be guaranteed to give anyone a heady rush. In addition to that is the environmental and ecological aspect. Guides will points out the various flowers, foliage and animals you are likely to see, as you begin the descent on your cable rope to the foothills of Neemrana. “Till now touring Rajasthan was very cliched. You had camel rides and you visited various forts — many of which look identical to one another,” says Walter, who is planning five more cables in various parts of the state. “Zipping brings in an active element to touring Rajasthan, and I can guarantee you that it is a lot more fun than a camel ride.”

The activity will be opening to the public from the 24th of January. The cost includes Rs 1,495 for an adult, Rs 1,195 for a child. A family package for two adults and two children comes for Rs 4,000 while corporate groups will get a 15% discount. And just in case you are too nervous on your first ride, Walter says, “The first 100 applicants will get a second ride free.” What more does anyone want. Zip away!

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2 Responses to “Zipping through Neemrana”

  1. Nidhi Tomar says:

    Pls let me know the complete details about zipping package at neemerana.

    Is it possible to avail this package in coming two days?

  2. Himanshi says:

    Pls let me know the complete details about zipping package at neemerana.

    We are a group of 25 and we plan to visit on Jan 15. Plz let us know